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Towel Care

How to care for your American Choice Cotton Towels

  • We recommend you wash your towels before the first use.  After that, you can generally wash towels after every 3rd use or every 3 days.
  • Wash towels together, away from other clothing.  This will keep them lasting longer by avoiding any zippers or velcro that can rip or pull  your terry towels.
  • Wash on WARM and follow the directions on your detergent bottle.  Too much detergent can make your towels less absorbent and even create a buildup of bacteria.
  • Avoid Fabric Softener.  You won’t need it to keep your towels soft.  In fact, the residue can mat down the fibers and leave the towels less absorbent.
  • We recommend drying on low heat. The dryer will fluff them and keep them soft and absorbent.  Small loads are best to allow the air to circulate and maximize fluff.


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