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Our Story

American Choice by American Merchant

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Our Promise:

American Choice Towels

Our promise to you is to make premium quality bath towels that are 100% made with cotton that is grown, spun and woven right here in the USA.

From our skilled craftsmen in the weave room, to our detailed inspection team, you can be sure that you are receiving quality towels.

Creating jobs, investing in our community, and protecting the environment are our top priorities.

Why American Cotton:

American Choice Towels

The United States is the most efficient producer of cotton in the world. You can be assured that as the US has invested significantly into agricultural research, American cotton farmers lead the way in ecological production by reducing water and land use, soil loss, and energy use all while increasing the amount of cotton that can be harvested per acre.

Why is this important? Well, improving soil health means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which helps protect our environment.

What else is a precious resource? Water. 64% of US cotton is grown without irrigation and, where necessary, our farmers have state-of-the-art systems that deliver water when and where it is needed most.

We are proud to use American cotton in our products and do our part to help the environment.

Why American Choice:

American Choice Towels

Purchasing these towels is not only the right choice for top quality bath linens, it's the American Choice.

These towels are not just made here, they are made RIGHT in America.

Buying American Choice towels means you are purchasing straight from the manufacturer. This means that together, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing transportation emissions that come from moving goods between distributors, warehouses, and retailers — not to mention all the emissions saved by not importing goods on vessels from all over the world.

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